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Instructions  Introduce up to maximum of 103 tennis or padel balls inside the bucket and seal the lid with the safety locks. You can help yourself with the cavities in the lower part of the cube to hold the product with your feet. Once the lid is closed, insert the nozzle of the air pump or a compressor into the valve of the HEAD X100 BASKET and introduce a pressure of up to 21 PSI. Next, quit the air pump or compressor nozzle from valve. Warning! Remove the air through the valve with the help of the cap before opening the HEAD X100 BASKET again. Clean the O-ring to prevent sand and ensure sealing. Features Weight with lid: 5,400 g / 1190.47 oz Weight without lid: 4,300 g / 148.15 oz Length with lid: 420 mm / 16.53 in Length without lid: 364 mm / 14.33 in   Cube width: 366 mm / 14.40 in Lid width: 376 mm / 14.80 in