Tunturi Competence T20 Treadmill

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Reliable treadmill for the hiker and runner.

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Rain or shine, you can always run on the Tunturi Competence T20. Running is the sport to remain in shape. The Competence T20 has 14 different programs. These programs can be set into multiple speed levels or incline. The display will inform you of the main variables such as speed, distance, time, heart rate, incline and resistance levels. These data will support your workouts. Motor Power The Tunturi Competence T20 has a motor power of 2.5 HP with a maximum incline of 10%. This should be lead into a challenging work out. The speed levels can be adjusted from 1 KM/H (0.6 M/H) up to 16 KM/H (9.9 M/H). The incline and speed level can be managed through the dials on the railing. Train more specific than before You may want to use a chest belt when you want to train with a specific goal. The chest belt registers the heart beat and sends this data to the display. In this way you have a more narrow detailed overview of what you are doing. Please use the Tunturi chest belt for a more narrow overview of heart rate. This heart rate meter is available as an accessory. Run on a solid surface The running surface of the Tunturi Competence T20 is 46 x 130 cm (18.1 x 51.2 inch). This measurement enables solid running workouts. Tunturi Competence T20 has been equipped with the T-Flex system. The T-Flex system absorbs the shock when running on the mat which makes it the running work out more comfortable. Easy to fold The Tunturi Competence T20 has a foldable system. This makes it simple and easy to store away the treadmill which saves a lot of space when the treadmill is folded. Once folded, the measurements are 94 x 79 x 153 cm (37 x 31.1 x 60.2 inch). The folded treadmill can be easily transported by its two transport wheels positioned in front of the treadmill. Watch your favorite show while working out The Tunturi treadmills are always equipped with a tabloid holder. The tabloid can be put on the tabloid holder on the display to watch your favorite television program.