Tunturi Kettlebell Black 8kg

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A kettlebell workout improves your strength, speed, coordination and stability. In addition, this type of workout strengthens a large amount of muscles at the same time. Kettlebells are therefore indispensable in gyms. The Tunturi collection includes this cast iron kettlebell weighing 8 kg. It fits comfortably in the hand due to the sturdy handle. The rubber bottom protects the floor. The kettlebell is also available in other weights. The benefits of the Tunturi Kettlebell - 8 kg. with rubber bottom - Black ✔ Improves your strength, speed, coordination and stability ✔ Damage to the floor is prevented due to the rubber bottom ✔ Comfortable in the hand due to the sturdy handle ✔ Intensify your workout by alternating with heavier kettlebells ✔ Suitable for at home and in the gym Want to have an efficient and effective workout? Then order this cast iron Tunturi Kettlebell!