Tunturi Medicine Ball 1kg

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Effective workout with a Tunturi Medicine Ball A medicine ball is a weighted ball that is used to work on stability, strength, coordination and balance. You train your abdominal, arm and back muscles in an effective and safe way. The medicine ball is available in different weights to alternate exercises and build up the intensity. Many muscles are trained at the same time, giving you an effective workout with a medicine ball. In addition, medicine balls are often used in physiotherapy or in rehabilitation training. Benefits ✔ Weighted ball to work on stability, strength, coordination and balance ✔ Also suitable for rehabilitation exercises ✔ With anti-slip texture for firm and comfortable grip ✔ Air valve for maximum durability and minimal maintenance ✔ The rubber is odourless Multifunctional The ball sits well in your hand and provides a good grip due to the special surface structure. You can use the ball to intensify already known exercises by adding extra weight, for example by taking the ball in your hands during a normal crunch or by placing it under the arm during push-ups. There are also many exercises that can be done specifically to train new muscles with a medicine ball.