Tunturi Pro Padded Power Lifting Straps

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Lifting like a pro The Tunturi Pro Lifting Straps allow you to get the most out of your workout. Grip is an important factor in many exercises, especially in heavy pulling exercises such as deadlifts, pull-downs and pull-ups. These high-quality lifting straps are ideal grip strengtheners that help when grip becomes a hindrance. With the straps you can lift heavier weights or do more repetitions with a certain weight. The special Velcro closure reduces the pressure on the wrists. Benefits ✔ The Velcro closure reduces the pressure on the wrists ✔ Suitable for any wrist size ✔ Increased grip while holding and lifting the weight bar ✔ Durable, high-quality and with extra soft interior padding for comfort ✔ Easy to use Simple and strong The extra soft padding prevents sore hands, wrists and fingers while doing exercises. They are easy to use: put your hand through the loop, pull the strap tightly around your wrist and fasten the Velcro. The end of the strap wraps around the bar. This creates a larger contact surface and more friction, providing you with a firmer grip on the bar. Specifications • Size: L 34 cm x W 40 cm x H 1 cm • Weight: 140 gr • Material: polyester, NBR, metal and latex • Colour: black and grey