Tunturi Suspension / Sling Trainer

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Whether you are an elite athlete or senior citizen, anyone can be benefited with this handy Tunturi Suspension Trainer. A fitness accessory for a fast and effective full body workout. The sling trainer is easy to use anywhere you want. Attach it to an anchor point at home, in the gym or in the park and get started. You train with your own body weight, which reduces the risk of injury. There are many exercises possible and you can choose the intensity of your workout by adjusting your posture. The benefits of the Tunturi Suspension Trainer - Crossfit Suspension trainer - Sling trainer ✔ Build your strength, balance and flexibility and improve your posture ✔ Simple to attach to an anchor point, such as a door, bar, lamppost or tree ✔ Workout anywhere you want ✔ Easy to use and suitable for all levels Order this Tunturi Suspension Trainer and work on a healthy and supple body!