Tunturi Tubing with Protection, Heavy, Red

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Want to do a full body workout wherever you are? That can be done with the Tunturi Tubing with Protection Sleeve. The sturdy protection sleeve ensures a great endurance of the tube. Thus you can workout in challenging conditions, on hard or irregular surfaces like the forest. The sling trainer can also easily be placed under a step. The two sturdy foam handles provide optimal workout convenience. The sling trainer makes it possible to do many different exercises such as side raises, triceps extensions or upright rows. The benefits of the Tunturi Tubing with Protection Sleeve - Suspension trainer - Sling trainer ✔ Solid nylon protective case for workouts in challenging conditions ✔ Many different exercises for a complete workout ✔ Includes an extra block to place between the door and door frame, which makes it possible to train at home and away from home ✔ Suitable for beginners and advanced In short, this is a compact and great fitness accessory! Order the Tunturi Tubing with Protection Sleeve now! Overview specifications • Length including handles: 155 cm. • Length excluding handles: 120 cm. • Weight: 235 gr. • Medium resistance • With nylon protective case • Color: Red • Material: Rubber | Nylon • Also available with medium resistance (green)