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V-Shape V10

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The V-Shape V10 is the new shining star in off-piste terrain: for hedonists and advanced skiers alike. Thanks to its geometry, this is a ski that is born to turn. The broad shovel actively supports turn initiation. Even in extreme, slippery situations this is a ski you feel comfortable with. What's more, the V-Shape V10 is also fun on the piste.


The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heel piece and is perfectly compatible for use with alpine and GripWalk ski boots.

Speed: fast
Terrain: Allride
Skill: Advanced
lengths: 163/170/177/184
Radius: 13,6 @ Length 170
Sidecut: 139/85/121 @ Length 170
  • LYT Tech Construction
  • ERA 3.0
  • Graphene
  • Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction
  • KARUBA Light Weight Wood Core
  • Structured UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker
Length Shovel waist Tails Radius
163 139 85 121 8,4
170 139 85 121 9,0
177 139 85 121 9,5
184 139 85 121 10,1

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