Yoga Foam Grid Roller 33cm – black

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Do you have stiff muscles after an intense workout? Loosen up those muscles by massaging them with this fine Tunturi Yoga Grid Foam Roller Massage.

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A convenient way to reduce muscle pain after a workout and to stimulate blood flow. The fitness roller is made of foam and equipped with so-called 'distrodensity zones’: elevated areas that vary in width and firmness. It allows you to precisely match your needs for each massage by using a certain part of the roller. The benefits of the Tunturi Yoga Grid Foam Roller Massage

  • Ideal tool for massaging, loosening and stretching of stiff or cold muscles
  • 'Distrodensity zones’ means that each part of the roller exerts a different kind of pressure
  • Lightweight and small: bring it with you and it use wherever and whenever you want
Be kind to your muscles and order this Tunturi Yoga Grid Foam Roller Massage!